Frequently Asked Questions

Your accommodation booking questions answered.

Your reviews are excellent. Are they real?

It is a great feeling to have guests on first entering the property ask "Has anyone ever stayed here?" Especially when the property has been accepting holiday bookings for over 6 years! Despite being a very IT enabled organisation, when it comes to surveying our guests we are old school - back to pen and paper. All the reviews presented on this website are from real people who have stayed at the specific property for a minimum of three nights on the date stated. The reviews have been provided to us on paper, handwritten by our guests. These are then typed word-for-word into our database for our advertising. As part of our annual inspection by Visit England, the assessor is welcome to check that the original handwritten reviews match our website content. Please note that many review / comparison websites still facilitate reviews to be submitted by anonymous / un-verified individuals who have never stayed at the property or indeed had any contact with the company in question.

How can we be sure of the standard of the property?

All our cottages have been independently rated by Visit England. We do not advertise a self-assessed number of stars on our website or other publications. All Visit England assessed properties undergo a thorough inspection by Visit England staff every year. During these visits the property is thoroughly inspected to ensure that the provision continues to satisfy the scheme requirements of the rating awarded. In addition, the assessor looks to see that there is a consistent maintenance regime and that standards of cleanliness are maintained. Also available to the inspector are the video inventories of each property, taken approximately 20 minutes before our guests arrive (each HD video being approximately 15 minutes in duration). These can be viewed alongside the handwritten reviews of our customers. These inventories are retained for a minimum of 4 years.

What payment methods do you accept?

For your protection we only accept payments for holiday bookings by credit or debit card via our online payment gateway. Transactions made via our payment gateway are processed by WorldPay. Taking payments by this method also allows us to verify your name and address (the details of the Party Leader) at time of booking. Verification of the identity of the Party Leader is a requirement of Visit England. We advise you to never pay for holidays or accommodation by direct bank transfer.

How secure are your servers?

We take the security of your data extremely seriously. Consequently, the security of servers, web servers in particular, is extremely important to any business. Accepting that the only unhackable IT system is one that is switched off, we have taken the bold step not to operate any servers at all - we have gone completely server-less. Serverless operating methods are quite complex to explain, but their impact on data security is plain to understand. Every single customer interaction / transaction you make with our systems effectively operates within a fresh installation (like a brand new computer). Every user interaction is completely segregated from every other user interaction, both in terms of data and executed code. This makes it extremely difficult for viruses or other malware to infect us - there are no servers to infect!

Is my customer data protected?

All data processed by our systems is encrypted both in transit (when sent between you and us) and at rest (when stored). Our systems never receive your full credit / debit card number or 3 digit security code. Your browser (Safari, Chrome etc) sends this directly to our payment provider, WorldPay, in exchange for a secure token. It is this token we then use to process your payment. In the extremely unlikely event of a data breach, you can be assured that the data we store is insufficient in isolation to allow a bad actor to make payments against your debit or credit cards.